Two kindred minds put together, two personalities sometimes similar sometimes so different but both with a large professional experience heritage united by the same idea of business. Here it is how VETROFOLLIA was born.
The founding partners, Caggiano Rocco and Mazzotti Massimiliano have turned through the years a small Italian processing glass company into a No. 1 assembly firm operating internationally.
A constant evolution made possible only by passion and hard work.
Much more than just a job, a real artistic mission that has pushed us over stereotyped limits by using modern equipments and by believing to be talented so to turn the impossible desires into a true ones.
A perfect synergy between love for our work and the need to respond professionally to the market expectations. In more than 20 years we have gained a huge amount of experience so to put together in a single enterprise most types of possible assembly procedures creating thus a unique brand of  italian creativity and modern technology.
Hence we may now offer to our customers a full service, providing them support from the very beginning of their ideas: